A digital personal assistant and smart agenda combined into one app

...Take the uncertainty out your day, have a ready-to-go schedule to get everything done. 


How TimeTek Works

By analyzing extracurriculars and keeping track of assignments, TimeTek is able to create a personalized schedule for users to follow: one that uses an algorithm to split up their time into manageable portions.




Time Chunking Algorithm

Say goodbye to procrastination...TimeTek creates a personalized schedule for you to follow each day. Based on the length and deadline of an assignment, it splits up tasks into manageable portions. Your daily pie chart will show you exactly what to spend time on and keep you on track each day. 


Chatbot Assistant

Wtih TimeTek, you'll have your very own 'personal assisant' in the form of a chatbot . It'll help you beat procrastination, send reminders, and engage to help you stay on top of your goals. This adds a human touch to the app, giving an extra level of support. 

Procrastination Reports

Everyone wants to see whether or not their time management methods have improved; to account for that, the TimeTek team has created personalized procrastination score reports to show users their improvement and growth areas week over week.


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What Makes TimeTek Unique?

Unlike any other app on the market, TimeTek uses an algorithm to create a one-of-a-kind time chunking feature to create a personalized schedule for each user. Users only have to input:

Time Available

Amount of time available for work each day

By inputting the amount of time the user is available each day, TimeTek will be able to understand exactly how much work should be assigned to a particular day.


Tasks/Assignments due

By inputting any assignments or tasks that the user has to do, TimeTek will take each task into consideration. Additionally, by inputting an approximation of the amount of time each assignment will take, TimeTek will have a better understanding of how to schedule an individual's time.

Deadlines + Priority

Assignment Deadlines + Priority

Putting in the deadlines for tasks will help TimeTek understand the tasks/assignments that need to be prioritized. Additionally, in the future, TimeTek will incorporate a priority feature, so users can prioritize tasks themselves, if they feel that a certain task is more important than others.



"Strong solution to a very significant problem for many students. Application could extend beyond the education marketplace."

"I think this is a great idea and compelling value proposition to address a pain point not only for students but also for parents. I could see where the ability for a student to share their schedules with others i.e. parents/family would also be beneficial. I like that you include motivational aspects and feedback in the app to keep the interest and further develop the time managements skills."

"This is EXACTLY what I need. The killer feature is to chunk my projects across multiple days. Successful time management app, if widely adopted by students or schools has enormous potential."

"An easy way to chunk large projects is a must. I haven't seen any good products that do this."

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